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Automated Teller Machines - ATMs

Peyday ATM offers you the automatic teller machine (ATM) with a unique, sleek design perfect for locations ranging from small convenience stores to high-end retail ATM locations. Eye-catching, LED lighting around the keypad attracts more users to drive additional transactions and revenue to your bottom line. The intuitive application interface is presented on a vivid LCD screen, and all user touch points are positioned for optimal visibility and access.

ATM for shared profit in Tulsa Oklahoma

Nautilus Hyosung - HALO II

ATM Hyosung - for shared profit Oklahoma
ATM Hyosung Tulsa Oklahoma


The HALO II is equipped with energy-saving, long-lasting features and parts designed to minimize environmental impact. The system uses components compatibile with other retail models, allowing customers to protect their investments in interchangeable spare parts. ATM users also have the paper-saving option of no receipt or screen display of a QR-encoded digital receipt.


The HALO II utilizes the Nautilus Hyosung enhanced retail application, which enables customers to earn additional revenue from transactions such as Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), donations, lottery and decimal surcharge. The system is also positioned to support cardless cash withdrawals using an optional NFC reader (Near Field Communication) feature, an attractive option to users transitioning to cardless transactions.


The HALO II provides a highly intuitive operator menu program that enables first-time and veteran users to easily operate and service the machine. It incorporates modular component architecture designed for high reliability, quick service and maximum accessibility.


Nautilus Hyosung continues to lead the industry in reliability and ease of service. The HALO II uses proven cash dispensing technology engineered for maximum uptime, widely regarded as the best in the industry.


  • Height: 54.2” (1,377mm)

  • Width: 15.7” (399mm)

  • Depth: 23.4” (594mm)

  • Weight: 265lbs. (120kg)

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